the long way to a DVD copy

Every time all this hassle with codecs, players, so annoying and time consuming. So I decided for the codecs used by Apple – iTunes plays music and videos on my PC, Sony’s PS3 is the player for the TV-Set and iPhone is used, when being away from home.

For the PS3 its simple, VOB is supported, but to not switch manually between the splitted VOB files, when watching a movie, I create one single “big” VOB file, when backing up the DVD to the harddisk. When doing so, I also strip what I don’t need (e.g. languages, subtitles, PGS, Director comments etc.)

For iTunes and iPhone I then convert the single VOB file to the supported formats, relying on Handbreak’s presets, which makes converting easy.

These are the tools in use:


    • DVDDecrypt – free: cannot read from harddisk, only DVD player, can create single VOB file (options: File Splitting: none)



  • DVDShrink – free: strips / shrinks optional content (languages etc) => reauthor, can create single VOB file (preferences: output files: split VOB files)




  • Handbrake – free: converts to basically any device (Apple TV, iPhone …)




From reading you will realize that I am not the video expert (what is “2 pass encoding”, “Bitrate” etc.), but the above procedure works for me and I needed to somehow document.

For all other formats (AVI, DIVX, MPEG what so ever) VLC media player does it.

tools &resources: