Install Subversion Service

November 24th, 2006 | Category: Synology

I was wondering if you can install a Subversion service on the DS.

By following this simple installation, you can access the SVN Server from inside your LAN or from the internet.

Telnet has to be enabled on you DS. Instruction can be found in this post.

Bootstrap installation can be found here.


First of all you need to download the newest version of Subversion. Go here and download the newest package.


Put the file into your public folder.

Change to the top directory:

cd /

Now enter the following command to install Subversion:

opt/bin/ipkg install volume1/public/svn_x.x.x-x_powerpc.ipk

Add the following line to your etc/inetd.conf file:

svn stream tcp nowait svnowner /opt/bin/svnserve -i -r /home/svnowner/repos

And the following 2 lines to your etc/services file:

svn 3690/tcp # Subversion

svn 3690/udp # Subversion

After entering the


command, the service should startup automatically with the DS.

After setting the Anonymous-FTP account to RO on the folder that is the root of your repositories, you can connect to it from the Internet. Of course you have to open the Port 3690 on your Router and forward it to the DS.