Jamulus Audio Setup with Loopback


  1. create aggregated device in “Audio Midi Setup” (Scarlett / Loopback)
  2. configure Superior Drummer 3 (SD3) to use “Audio Aggregated Device”
  3. create Rogue Amoeba Loopback configuration with 4 Output Channels (1,2 (default) – add 3,4)
    1. route Superior Drummer to Channel 3,4
    2. route Scarlett Microphone to Channel 3,4
  4. In Jamulus use “in: Audio Aggregated Device/out: Audio Aggregated Device
    (consider numbering > Jamulus 5,6 = Channel 3,4 in Loopback)!
  1. test by choosing a Jamulus server with high latency: signal e.g. snare stroke should return delayed
  2. setting slider of instrument to 0% should return no sound

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