./was_profile/bin/wsadmin.sh -conntype SOAP -host wcl.private.lan -port 10033 -user wasadmin -password passw0rd

WASX7209I: Connected to process “WebSphere_Portal” on node wcl using SOAP connector; the type of process is: unManagedProcess; WASX7029I: For help, enter: “$Help help”
wsadmin> set jvm [$AdminControl completeObjectName type=JVM,process=WebSphere_Portal,*]

wsadmin>$AdminControl invoke $jvm generateHeapDump


wsadmin>$AdminControl invoke $jvm dumpThreads

IBM’s support assistant (ISA) is an Eclipse based tool with quite a number of plugins to analyze heapdumps – a good developerworks article can be found here (part I) and here (part II).

To analyze WebSphere Portal performance issues, although this document is applicable to isolate performance problems around Java based application servers in general , see here.

see also here