from monolithic to serverless applications

#1: Migrating a monolithic application (daytrader) on top of a WebSphere Liberty application server form traditional deployment to cloud services using AWS. This involves multiple steps, starting with containerizing the application, converting the database (Derby to Postgres) and finally migrating images into Amazon’s cloud to make use of the Elastic Cloud services (EC*) and High Availability features. Products used: SCM (Github), Docker, Eclipse IDE, Nginx, WebSphere Liberty, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

#2: Building several applications based on the AWS application stack using Amplify, Cognito and DynamoDB / GraphQL. Migrated several blogs to AWS. Products used: EC2, Lightsail, Route53, S3, IAM, Cognito, DynamoDB, SES, SNS, Workmail, AWS CLI, Visual Studio Code Editor

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