Drum Notation in MuseScore

  • export MIDI clip in Ableton
  • open MIDI file in MuseScore
  • In Mixer set to Drumset and Sound to MDL_DrumSet
  • Select first stave
  • Tools > Voices > Exchange Voice 1 – 2
  • Select second stave and Copy
  • Select first stave and Paste
  • Tools > Voices > Exchange Voice 1 – 2
  • Edit > Instruments and remove second stave

Articulations are removed by exporting to .musicxml and search/replace for <staccata/>

Musescore files:

MuseScore at least for drum notation requires less effort than Dorico, Sibelius and others. In either case manual reworking is required.

From Ableton support: “Live’s notation abilities are starkly lacking, unfortunately, and I can’t comment on any future possible developments.”