from monolithic to serverless applications

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#1: Migrating a monolithic application (daytrader) on top of a WebSphere Liberty application server form traditional deployment to cloud services using AWS. This involves multiple steps, starting with containerizing the application, converting the database (Derby to Postgres) and finally migrating images into Amazon’s cloud to make use of the Elastic Cloud services (EC*) and High […]

exclude tag from tag cloud

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add to functions.php add_filter( ‘widget_tag_cloud_args’, ‘jmw_exclude_tag_from_tag_cloud’); function jmw_exclude_tag_from_tag_cloud( $args ) { $args[ ‘exclude’ ] = ’45’; // ID of the tag. If multiple tags use comma delimited sting ‘2,5,36’ return $args; }

OAuth/OIDC with ISAM

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Design and implement OAuth/OIDC authentication process for mobile clients (native/html) using ISAM (IBM Security Access Manager) and authorisation code grant type. Integrate custom “Message Provider Gateway” (MSG) in authentication process (verification of access token) using OIDC JWKS (JSON Web Key Set) and /userinfo endpoints. Products used: IBM Security Access Manager

WebSphere SP initiated SSO

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By default, the WebSphere Application Server SAML Trust Association Interceptor (TAI) supports IdP-initiated SSO only. When custom code is in place, the SAML TAI can be configured to support SP-initiated SSO. Writing a custom java class the authentication process will be intercepted and handled by the SP – a SAML mutual trust relationship between the […]

IBM Security Directory Integrator (SDI) & its countless possibilities

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User account synchronization between internal LDAP and directories of a foreign application domain (e.g. Cloud application), using SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management), alternatively parsers (LDIF, JSON, XML, others) or synchronization with a cloud database. Products used: IBM Security Directory Integrator (SDI), IBM Secure Directory Server (SDS), Amazon Web Services (AWS) DynamoDB, Red Hat.

IBM Cloud Identity & IBM Connections Cloud

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The intention of this project was to provide a consistent Single-Sign-On (SSO) between an on-premise ISAM (IBM Security Access Manager) and IBM’s Cloud Identity (CI) using SAML by utilising local user accounts for authentication. MMFA (Mobile Multi Factor Authentication) with QR Code and TOTP (Timely One Time Password) was added to provide a 2-factor authentication […]